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jingle package

Los 40 Principales

Los 40 Principales - Spain

Slogan cuts

Slogan 1

Slogan 1 Bonus: Light version

Slogan 2

Slogan 2 Bonus: Light version

Slogan 3

Slogan 3 Bonus: Light version

Slogan 4

Slogan 4 Bonus: Light version

Slogan 4 Short

Transition cuts

Transition 1

Transition cut 2

Transition cut 3

Transition cut 3 Bonus: Ramp version

Transition cut 4

Shotgun jingles

Shotgun 1

Shotgun 2

Shotgun 2 Bonus: Light version

Shotgun 3

Shotgun 3 Bonus: Light version

Shotgun 4

Shotgun 5

Shotgun 6

SOB Audio Imaging produced a custom made jingle package for Spain’s leading national radio station Los 40 Principales.The message was clear: “We love your work from the past! Please produce a package that fits our radio format exactly!” The creative team at SOB showed that they know “Rock-leaning Hot AC” and without hesitation, the station put the package straight on air!

Jaime Baró, Director of Los 40 Principales: "After listening to the jingle packages on their latest demo CD, it was clear to us that SOB would be able to create the on-air imaging sound that we were looking for. We wanted jingles that combine the “traditional USA-jingle concept” with a more modern and European feel: no big vocal group with excessive use of complicated and full vocal arrangements but a sound that is very close to the European contemporary music. During the whole creative process, the communication with the people at SOB was extremely pleasant and very professional, making it clear that they knew exactly what our needs were. They made us share all available information that we have about our programming, marketing, research and music, and that’s exactly how a company like this should work. We got a brand new jingle package with a wonderful new sound logo and a great variety of jingles that blend perfectly with the sound of our station. The new jingles definitely contribute to the enhanced sound of our station! Last but not least: a special word of appreciation to the vocal group, especially the solo vocalist, about the hard work that has been done and the perfect Spanish pronounciation!"
Thanks for your trust in SOB and… congratulations with your 40th anniversary, guys!”.