jingle package

NPO Radio 5 2021

station: NPO Radio 5

We’re extremely proud to have created the new jingle package for Holland’s NPO Radio 5. The package is part of a long-term partnership between Radio 5 and SOB that includes further updates of the package in the next years.
With their broad, nostalgic music format and top-notch presenters, public station Radio 5 has been growing its audience year after year, with an unrivalled Time Spent Listening. The music spans no less than 7 decades, with a focus on the 60s, 70s and 80s.
Keywords for the new jingles were: familiar, friendly, musical, real instruments, and a happy, non-intrusive sound. The result: a versatile jingle package that is loved by both the presenters and the listeners!

Full versions

Cut 1 - Uptempo

Cut 2 - Uptempo

Cut 3 - Uptempo

Cut 4 - Medium tempo

Cut 5 - Medium tempo

Cut 6 - Medium/downtempo

Cut 7 - Medium/downtempo

Cut 8 - medium tempo

Cut 9 - Soft

Cut 10 - Soft

Cut 11 - Fast => Slow transition

Cut 12 - Slow => Fast transition

Cut 13 - News

Cut 14 - Weather

Cut 15 - Top Of The Hour donut