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NPO Radio 5 2021

station: NPO Radio 5


SOB Audio Imaging provides station ID jingles for radio and tv stations all over Europe - and beyond! We have produced jingle packages for stations in countries like Germany, Norway, Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Iceland, Greece, Ukraine, Thailand and Jordan. We can either create tailor-made custom jingles for you or use existing (syndicated) jingle packages that you can choose from. Just click on one of the format buttons to check out the jingle packages and listen to the demos!

SOB is also the exclusive European distributor for a group of very dear and talented partners, enabling us to offer you a wide variety of music and production styles for your station. No matter what your format, language or budget is, we'll find a way to create an audio solution for your needs!

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