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Reception, formerly known as Gray Matter! SOB is extremely proud to present to you: RECEPTION!! Already in use by Z95-7 San Francisco, Kiss Dallas, Q-102 Philadelphia, 99 ½ ZPL Indianapolis, 96-3 Detroit, KS-95 Minneapolis, Radio 538 Netherlands, Kiss FM Berlin, Capital FM London (and other great stations from the Capital Group like Beat 106, Power FM, Fox FM, Red Dragon FM, BRMB...), Hitradio ABC Denmark and many, many more... RECEPTION is the single most powerful production audio tool for radio/television imaging, audio post production, graphics, visual effects and animation. RECEPTION can enhance your station’s image, while putting images to your audio. RECEPTION is one CD packed with 98 incredible tracks of digital production elements and percussive beds. Noises include Drones, Impacts, Fly-By effects, Switches, Frequency Sweeps, Voids, Reverse Effects, Effect Packs, Hits, Warps, Scratches, Electronics, Noise Floors, Scrolling Effects and other cool and loud stuff. RECEPTION may not be the cheapest CD you’ve ever bought but it might well prove to be the most valuable production tool you’ve purchased so far! Gray Matter is buy-out, market-exclusive. Pricing depends on market size and wether you'd want it exclusively in your market. Prices include one-year exclusive use in your market: Prices (one-year market-exclusive): Small market: Euro 550,- Medium market: Euro 750,- Large market: Euro 1.000,-

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