jingle package

Radio Mojn 2008

station: Radio Mojn - Denmark

Radio Mojn 2008 was originally created for Radio Mojn and its sister station Radio Skive in Denmark. It has a powerful, hip sound ánd the Z-100 logo that suits today's Hot AC and CHR stations who want to push the limits with their station imaging! The package has 15 cool cuts that will give your station the extra edge it needs!

Radio Mojn 2008 has general jingles, transition cuts, launch pads/talkup ramps, a special morning cut, a news opener & bed, a weather cut and a traffic bed. And of course... loads of bonus mixes of each jingle!

Check out the advance demo and contact the SOB Sales dept. today to lock this package for your market!

Individual Cuts

Cut 1 - full version

Cut 1 - short version

Cut 2

Cut 3

Cut 3 extended

Cut 4

Cut 5

Cut 6

Cut 6 short version

Cut 7 Transition Dance => Rock

Cut 8 - Transition R&B => Dance

Cut 9 - Transition Dance => R&B

Cut 10 - Donut

Cut 11 - Top of the Hour donut

Cut 11 - short version

Cut 12 - Morning Show donut

Radio Mojn Instrumentals

Cut 13 News

Cut 14 Weather

Cut 15 Traffic bed